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US interest rates could go higher than expected – offplanpropertyexchange.com

The head of the US central bank has warned that officials could raise interest rates farther and faster than previously expected in order to stabilise prices. US stocks fell and…

Energy prices at an all-time high: overview of increases and reductions

Inflation and increased energy prices keep the world on tenterhooks – 2022 was marked by massive increases in electricity and gas prices. However, some relief packages were also put together.…

Italian police use Lamborghini to “gift” two kidneys

The sports car was adapted to safely carry the organs for transplantation. An Italian police publication has gone viral after authorities in Padua, in the north of the country, used…

A divided and impoverished Spain

We head to Spain in “European Micro”, with Juan Jose Durado, Spanish correspondent in Paris. The country will have almost 13% unemployment by the end of the year, for a…

UK motorists face record fuel prices as global oil costs rise

Diesel already at all-time high of 151.2p with petrol close behind as Opec production falls short

Aston Martin will miss profit target by £15m after Valkyrie delivery failings – offplanpropertyexchange.com

Only 10 of the £2.5m limited edition hypercars were delivered in the fourth quarter of 2021

Germany’s Merkel era comes to an end as opposition parties strike deal

Three German political parties have sealed a deal for a new government, with left-leaning Olaf Scholz the proposed next chancellor following lengthy coalition negotiations and a historic election that sees…