• Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Drinking coffee outside the home? Fewer people are doing it

BySharna Bass

Feb 1, 2023

Four million and 64 thousand people say they drink coffee outside their homes, but this is the “lowest value of the last 10 years”, according to Marktest.

Coffee consumption outside the home is on the decline, with data from Marktest’s TGI study, released on Tuesday, showing a drop in the number of Portuguese who say they drink coffee outside their homes.

“The TGI study by Marktest quantifies, in the global wave of 2021, in 4 million and 64 thousand the number of individuals who report drinking coffee outside their homes, which represents 47.5% of residents in mainland Portugal aged 15 and over,” a statement published on the company’s website reads.

This is the “lowest value of the last 10 years”, according to Marktest.

“After in 2019 the indicator had shown growth compared to the previous five years, it successively fell in the last two years,” it can also be read.

As the same study indicates, “men, individuals aged between 45 and 64 years, as well as residents in the Litoral Centro and those belonging to the middle class are those who show greater affinity with this consumption.”

“The TGI data also reveals that, among out-of-home coffee consumers, the home of family members and work were the places that registered growth in 2021, contrary to the coffee shop/pastry shop and the restaurant, which showed decreases in relation to what was observed in 2020”, one can also read.