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    Southland Real Estate Agent’s Playful Response to Vandalism Goes Viral

    BySharna Bass

    Sep 19, 2023
    Southland Real Estate Agent’s Playful Response to Vandalism Goes Viral

    Southland real estate agent Sheree Williams has gained attention on social media for her lighthearted response to vandals defacing one of her “For Sale” signs. Williams, the managing director of Mike Pero Southland, Gore, and Central Otago, discovered a squiggly mustache and soul patch beard drawn on her picture on the sign. Rather than getting upset about it, Williams saw it as an opportunity to poke fun at herself and have a good laugh.

    She took a photo of herself leaning against the sign, adding her own mustache and soul patch, and posted it on her Facebook page with a playful caption. The post quickly became a hit, garnering 1000 shares and almost 2000 comments. Williams expressed her surprise at the post going viral, stating, “Of anything to go viral, it’s me ripping s… out of myself.”

    This playful response is in line with Williams’ upbeat approach to selling houses. She often incorporates humor into her work to bring a positive vibe to the industry. Williams stated, “I love banter. I love humor. So if I can turn someone being a jerk around, and make them smile, that’s my job done.” Her strategy seems to be working, as she has had a successful year in sales, with 50 properties sold in the first 36 weeks of 2023.

    Williams has embraced social media as a platform to engage with her audience. While she does receive negative comments and trolls on her page, she found that the response to her vandalism post was overwhelmingly positive and supportive. Despite the occasional challenges, Williams remains focused on her goal of providing a professional yet enjoyable experience for her clients and followers.

    – Sheree Williams/Supplied
    – Facebook/Sheree Williams