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    New Homes on the Market: Luxury Properties Continue to Sell Despite Sluggish Real Estate Market

    ByEmma Wolukau-Wanambwa

    Nov 21, 2023
    New Homes on the Market: Luxury Properties Continue to Sell Despite Sluggish Real Estate Market

    Despite a slowing real estate market in both the nation and Chicago, luxury properties with price tags of $4 million and above continue to find buyers. One recent example is a 5,500-square-foot, six-bedroom home in the Sheffield Neighbors area of Chicago, which closed earlier this month for $4 million. While the broader housing market in Chicago has experienced declining sales and inventory, the ultra-luxury segment appears to be holding its own.

    According to Ryan Preuett, an agent with Jameson Sotheby’s International Real Estate, properties in this price range have an advantage because they represent the highest quality in their category. This attracts buyers who are willing to invest in premium properties. Preuett is strategically focusing on clients who have a pressing need to move, such as those facing job relocations, marriage, divorce, empty nests, or pregnancy. This approach has helped him successfully navigate the challenging real estate market.

    Although luxury properties in Chicago continue to sell, it’s worth mentioning that the recent rush of high-end sales may not accurately reflect the overall state of the Chicagoland housing market. Data released by Illinois Realtors showed that market inventory and home sales declined in October, and prices have continued to rise. Experts predict these market conditions will persist throughout the year.

    It’s important to note that while interest rates have increased and deal volume has declined, luxury properties in Chicago have not seen a significant decrease in prices. This can be attributed, in part, to the fact that high-end buyers often purchase properties with cash, which mitigates the impact of rising interest rates on their purchasing power.

    Compared to other major cities like New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, Chicago’s luxury market has relatively lower pricing limits. In November alone, six homes in the Chicago area with prices exceeding $4 million were sold, with the majority of them undergoing price reductions to facilitate the sale.

    While the luxury market in Chicago remains robust, it is important to note that not all high-end properties are selling quickly. Some luxury listings in Lake Forest, for example, have been on the market for months without attracting buyers.

    In conclusion, despite a sluggish real estate market, luxury properties in Chicago’s upper price range continue to find buyers. This can be attributed to the high quality and desirability of these properties. However, it is essential to monitor the broader housing market trends to understand the overall health and direction of the real estate industry.


    1. Are luxury properties in Chicago experiencing a decline in prices?

    No, luxury properties in Chicago have not experienced significant price decreases despite market challenges. Prices have remained stable or have seen minor adjustments to facilitate sales.

    2. Why do luxury properties continue to sell in a sluggish real estate market?

    Luxury properties often attract buyers who are not impacted by rising interest rates and have the financial means to purchase properties with cash. Additionally, these properties represent the highest quality in their respective categories, making them highly desirable to discerning buyers.

    3. How does the luxury housing market in Chicago compare to other major cities?

    Chicago’s luxury market has lower pricing limits compared to cities like New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. However, it continues to attract buyers, and similar to other markets, luxury properties may experience price reductions to facilitate sales.

    4. Are all luxury properties selling quickly in Chicago?

    No, not all luxury properties are selling quickly. Some listings, particularly in areas like Lake Forest, have remained on the market for months without attracting buyers. The speed of sale can vary depending on various factors, including location, price, and overall desirability.