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    New Ways to Sell Your Home Quickly in Colorado

    ByEmma Wolukau-Wanambwa

    Nov 21, 2023
    New Ways to Sell Your Home Quickly in Colorado

    Selling a home traditionally involves hiring a real estate agent, hosting showings, and waiting for offers from potential buyers. While this is the most common approach, there are alternative ways to sell your home quickly, including cash-homebuying companies. These companies, commonly known as “we buy houses” companies, expedite the home sale process by making all-cash offers within a few days or even hours of seeing your home. They buy homes in any condition, eliminating the need for costly repairs or upgrades, and can close the deal within a few weeks or, in some cases, just a few days.

    While selling to a “we buy houses” company may be appealing if you need to sell your home fast or require immediate funds, it’s important to consider the trade-off. These companies are in business to make a profit and typically offer lower prices compared to selling through traditional means. However, their speed and convenience can outweigh this drawback for some sellers.

    In Colorado, there are both national and local options available for selling your home quickly. National companies like HomeVestors and We Buy Houses operate in multiple locations throughout the state, offering quick cash offers and fast closing times. Local options such as Cash for Houses Colorado, Summit All Cash Buyers, and The Buy-Out Company also provide quick processes and cash offers, regardless of the condition of your home.

    Alternatively, you can explore iBuyer options, which are online-only companies that operate similarly to “we buy houses” companies but may charge service fees and have different buying criteria. Opendoor and Offerpad are two well-known iBuyers that operate in Denver and Colorado Springs.

    While the process may vary slightly between companies, most “we buy houses” companies follow a similar approach. They buy homes in any condition, fix them up, and either resell them or rent them out. You’re not required to make any repairs, which can be cost-saving and time-efficient. However, if your home is in poor condition, the offered price may reflect that, as they would need to spend more on repairs before reselling.

    To sell your home to a “we buy houses” company, the first step is to reach out to them. They may make an offer based on online information and photos or schedule a visit to assess the home’s value. Offers are typically made quickly, and if accepted, a closing date is scheduled. As there is no financing involved, these companies can move to closing quickly, often within a week or two. They also handle the paperwork and cover closing costs.

    If selling to a “we buy houses” company isn’t the right fit for you, there are alternatives to consider. Selling with a realtor may take longer but can result in higher profits. For those willing to take on the process themselves, selling by owner (FSBO) can save money on agent commissions.


    Q: How do “we buy houses” companies work?
    A: These companies quickly make cash offers for homes in any condition and can close the deal within weeks. They buy homes, fix them up, and resell or rent them out.

    Q: What are some national and local “we buy houses” companies in Colorado?
    A: National options include HomeVestors and We Buy Houses. Local options include Cash for Houses Colorado, Summit All Cash Buyers, and The Buy-Out Company.

    Q: Are there alternatives to selling to “we buy houses” companies?
    A: Yes, you can sell with a realtor or sell by owner (FSBO) if you have more time and want to potentially earn higher profits.