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    The Perch: A Unique Approach to House Extensions

    ByNuala Hafner

    Nov 21, 2023
    The Perch: A Unique Approach to House Extensions

    Architect Nicole Blair has taken a creative and innovative approach to house extensions with her latest project, The Perch, located in Austin. This exclusive video by Dezeen showcases the design and features of this elevated guesthouse, demonstrating Blair’s commitment to maximizing living space while minimizing disruption to the existing residence.

    To achieve this, The Perch is perched just two feet above the roof of the main house. This strategic positioning ensures minimal disturbance to the underlying home. The guesthouse is clad in weathering-steel panels, giving it a sleek and contemporary appearance. The wood-framed windows, provided by Windsor Windows & Doors, perfectly complement the Corten-steel exterior with their distinctive Burnt Pumpkin color.

    Spanning an impressive 660 square feet, The Perch features an irregularly shaped steel volume supported by four columns. The construction of the steel structure took place offsite, reducing disruption to the mature vegetation on the property and minimizing on-site material storage. The wood-clad windows, also supplied by Windsor Windows & Doors, lend a warm and inviting atmosphere to the interior.

    Blair’s attention to detail is evident throughout the guesthouse. The bright and airy interior is accentuated by colorful accents, creating a vibrant and welcoming space. The wood flooring, provided and installed by local company Artisan Hardwood Floors, adds a touch of natural elegance. A mix of pre-finished plain and rift-sawn white oak, along with recycled wood from a previous project, was used for the flooring, showcasing sustainable design choices.

    The ground floor of The Perch encompasses an open-concept kitchen, living room, and dining area with vaulted ceilings, amplifying the sense of spaciousness. On the upper level, there are two rooms, one facing the street and the other overlooking the backyard. The versatile design allows for the guest bedroom and a hair salon for one of the hairstylist owners.

    The Perch is a testament to Blair’s creative vision and commitment to sustainable and thoughtful design. This project showcases the potential of house extensions to enhance living spaces while minimizing disruption. Blair, Windsor Windows & Doors, and Artisan Hardwood Floors have successfully collaborated to create a unique and inspiring space that harmoniously integrates with its surroundings.


    What is the concept behind The Perch?

    The Perch is an elevated house extension designed by architect Nicole Blair. Its main concept revolves around maximizing living space while minimizing disturbance to the existing residence below.

    What materials were used for The Perch?

    The guesthouse is clad in weathering-steel panels and features wood-framed windows provided by Windsor Windows & Doors. The interior showcases wood flooring supplied by Artisan Hardwood Floors.

    How was the steel structure constructed?

    In order to minimize disruption to the mature vegetation on the property, the steel structure of The Perch was assembled offsite. This approach also helped reduce on-site material storage.

    What is unique about the interior design of The Perch?

    The interior of The Perch is designed to have a bright and airy atmosphere. It features colorful accents, wood flooring, and vaulted ceilings, creating a welcoming and spacious environment.

    Who collaborated on this project?

    The Perch was a collaboration between architect Nicole Blair, Windsor Windows & Doors, and Artisan Hardwood Floors.

    (Source: Dezeen)