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    Meet Julie Brown and Amber Thomas of Providence Interiors

    BySharna Bass

    Sep 20, 2023
    Meet Julie Brown and Amber Thomas of Providence Interiors

    Julie Brown and Amber Thomas are the talented duo behind Providence Interiors, a Nashville-based interior design business that they launched in 2010. Both Julie and Amber had a natural inclination for design from a young age. Julie’s love for creating beautiful spaces began with her mother teaching her how to sew and make dresses. Amber discovered her passion for design when she had the opportunity to redecorate her bedroom in the second grade.

    They started working together after their sons became friends in middle school. With a shared desire to step into the design world more seriously, they began discussing the idea of starting a business together. Eventually, they transformed their side projects into a full-fledged interior design studio with a retail showroom. Their studio is located in the Courtyard on Bandywood, where they have been operating for the past 10 years.

    Their aesthetic can be described as warm, layered, and collected. Julie and Amber enjoy mixing modern elements with vintage pieces to create cozy and inviting spaces. They emphasize clean lines, neutral backgrounds, and incorporate textured layers and storied items into their designs.

    When asked about their favorite project to date, Amber mentioned that designing her own home with her husband has been incredibly fulfilling. Julie finds joy in projects where homeowners trust their expertise and allow them to bring their dreams to life.

    In terms of design elements, they are excited about the return of texture, color, and a more traditional aesthetic. They appreciate the coziness and warmth provided by layered textures, and they are glad to see a shift towards a more eclectic style with pops of color. In their shop, customers can find upscale furnishings, art, rugs, coffee table books, and barware.

    Providence Interiors is a testament to the power of collaboration and following your passion. Julie and Amber have combined their design talents to create beautiful and inviting spaces for their clients, and they continue to bring their unique vision to the world of interior design.

    – Providence Interiors