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    Property Market in Texas Facing Challenges Amidst Oversupply

    ByEmma Wolukau-Wanambwa

    Nov 21, 2023
    Property Market in Texas Facing Challenges Amidst Oversupply

    The Texas multifamily real estate market, which was once considered a lucrative investment, is now facing significant challenges due to oversupply. Industry experts believe that the situation may worsen in the coming months, with properties being sold at major discounts and development pipelines drying up in some cities.

    No segment of the asset class is immune to the impact of oversupply. The influx of Class A apartments in the next 18 months will give developers little control over pricing, while also forcing them to quickly fill the units to refinance construction loans or sell before maturity. Additionally, Class B and Class C value-add properties, which were purchased at record prices in recent years, are experiencing declines in value due to increased renovation costs and falling rents.

    While there will be winners who have enough financial stability to weather the short-term challenges, there will also be losers among small developers and Main Street investors in Texas.

    The scenario in the Texas multifamily market has changed dramatically compared to a few years ago. During the pandemic, major metros in Texas saw a surge in new development projects. The current pipeline in Dallas-Fort Worth, the most populous metro in Texas, has reached approximately 63,350 units, surpassing the numbers of the past three years. Deliveries of new apartments have also tripled in San Antonio and increased by 76% in Austin. However, occupancy rates have declined to below 90% in these cities, signaling a shift in favor from landlords to tenants.

    Developers and landlords are now grappling with the challenges of selling or refinancing their properties due to the increased cost of debt and the need for higher occupancy rates. Many developers are dropping rents to attract potential renters, making it difficult for them to achieve their projected exit prices.

    Looking ahead, some major players in the market are already taking action to prepare for the next boom cycle by securing new development sites. However, the market remains on edge as the oversupply situation continues to have ripple effects across the industry.


    1. What is causing the challenges in the Texas multifamily market?
    The market is currently facing an oversupply of properties, particularly in the Class A segment, which is affecting pricing and occupancy rates.

    2. How are developers affected by the oversupply?
    Developers are finding it difficult to sell or refinance their properties due to increased competition and the need for higher occupancy rates.

    3. Are there any winners in this situation?
    Some developers with enough financial stability may be able to weather the challenges in the short-term, but smaller developers and Main Street investors are likely to face significant difficulties.

    4. What is the impact on property values?
    Class B and Class C value-add properties have seen major declines in values due to increased renovation costs and falling rents.

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