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    Taikoo Li Qiantan Retail Wellness Center: A Fusion of Biophilic Design and Wellness

    BySharna Bass

    Sep 19, 2023
    Taikoo Li Qiantan Retail Wellness Center: A Fusion of Biophilic Design and Wellness

    The Taikoo Li Qiantan Retail Wellness Center is a groundbreaking development situated in the heart of the Qiantan Masterplan, located on the banks of the Huangpu River in Shanghai. Spanning an impressive 120,000 square meters, Taikoo Li Qiantan redefines the traditional retail experience by incorporating principles of biophilic design and wellness.

    The project is divided into three distinct zones: north, south, and center. Each zone offers a range of amenities and features designed to enhance visitors’ well-being. Landscaped courtyards, outdoor shops, and restaurants are spread across the development, creating a harmonious blend of nature and retail.

    At the core of Taikoo Li Qiantan is a 450-meter-long outdoor running track that weaves through the shops. This running track serves as the main circulation path and symbolizes the center’s strong focus on wellness. Visitors can engage in physical activity while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the retail space.

    Located beneath the complex is the Qiantan Subway Station, with multiple transit lines serving as the main access points for the greater Shanghai metro area. Upon exiting the subway station, visitors are welcomed into a lush, green courtyard known as the Central Plaza. This vibrant space hosts public festivals and large outdoor activities, inviting visitors to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings.

    Connecting the north and south ends of the development is a scenic bridge. This two-level bridge not only serves as a vital connection between different levels of the center but also provides visitors with an immersive experience as they cross from one end to another.

    The project’s two enclosed retail spaces, Stone House to the North and Wood House to the South, flank the central plaza. These distinctive structures house a variety of retail offerings, creating a diverse and engaging shopping experience.

    Overall, Taikoo Li Qiantan Retail Wellness Center showcases the potential of integrating nature, wellness, and retail. By prioritizing the well-being of visitors and incorporating biophilic design principles, this development sets a new standard for retail spaces in Shanghai and beyond.

    – Taikoo Li Qiantan Retail Wellness Center by 5+design