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    Residential Facility for Seniors Coming to San Jose’s Burbank Neighborhood

    BySharna Bass

    Sep 19, 2023
    Residential Facility for Seniors Coming to San Jose’s Burbank Neighborhood

    A new residential facility for seniors is set to be built in San Jose’s Burbank neighborhood on West San Carlos Street. The plans have been in the works since 2020 and were recently given final approval by the San Jose Planning Commission.

    The development, known as San Carlos Commons, will be a seven-story, mixed-use building covering an area of 227,617 square feet. It will include a 246-bed residential senior care facility, as well as 61 apartments and 6,000 square feet of ground floor retail space. The project will be carried out by Oak Glen Ventures, a real estate investment group.

    The facility will be located on a 1.2-acre plot of land between Boston Avenue and Brooklyn Avenue. In order to make way for the development, four adjoined commercial buildings, including some antique shops, will be demolished. Despite some opposition from business owners in the existing buildings who cannot afford to relocate, the project received unanimous approval from the Planning Commission.

    Oak Glen Ventures aims to address the “desperate need” for senior housing in the area by incorporating senior living facilities and market-rate apartments on the same site. This will enable adults with aging parents to live in close proximity to each other. The project is also expected to revitalize the Burbank neighborhood.

    While the development has received praise for addressing the housing needs of seniors, there have been concerns about the lack of affordable housing included in the plans. Oak Glen Ventures intends to pay an “in-lieu” affordable housing fee to the city instead of including below market-rate homes in the project. Some commissioners expressed their hopes that developers would prioritize affordable housing, particularly for vulnerable seniors.

    The timeline for the project’s construction has not yet been determined, as Oak Glen Ventures is still in the process of selecting a development partner. However, the approval from the Planning Commission marks a significant milestone in bringing this much-needed residential facility for seniors to the Burbank neighborhood.

    – Residential facility for seniors: A building or complex that provides housing and care services for elderly individuals.
    – Burbank neighborhood: A neighborhood in San Jose, California.
    – Mixed-use building: A building that combines multiple types of uses, such as residential, commercial, and retail.
    – In-lieu affordable housing fee: A fee paid by developers to the city instead of including affordable housing units in their projects.

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