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    Rishi Nandi Joins Sasaki to Lead Science and Technology Practice

    ByEmma Wolukau-Wanambwa

    Sep 20, 2023
    Rishi Nandi Joins Sasaki to Lead Science and Technology Practice

    Rishi Nandi, an experienced architect specializing in science and technology projects, has joined Sasaki as an associate principal in architecture. In this role, Nandi will lead the firm’s science and technology practice, taking charge of projects from planning to implementation.

    With over 20 years of experience in research space planning for academic institutions and creating built work for institutional and commercial clients, Nandi brings a wealth of expertise to Sasaki. His project experience spans across the commercial and academic sectors, and he has a deep understanding of the complex technical requirements of scientific buildings.

    One of Nandi’s strengths is his holistic approach to understanding client needs. He considers factors such as regulatory climate, deferred maintenance, financial risk exposure, workplace amenities, and long-term operational needs when designing research facilities. Additionally, he is committed to incorporating sustainable design principles to mitigate the environmental impacts of intensive research facilities.

    Nandi has worked on projects for prestigious academic institutions such as Harvard University, MIT, and Northeastern University, as well as commercial laboratories for clients including MITIMCo and BXP. His extensive experience and research contribute to his ability to create technical spaces that meet stakeholder needs and facilitate research while integrating seamlessly into the campus or community.

    At Sasaki, Nandi will lead the science and technology practice and work collaboratively with integrated design teams. He will provide technical expertise and design leadership, ensuring that clients receive the best possible solutions for their research needs. Nandi will also collaborate with Sasaki’s data science team to develop proprietary design tools for contemporary research environments.

    Elizabeth von Goeler, principal interior designer at Sasaki, expressed her excitement about Nandi joining the team, stating that his understanding of the entire lifecycle of science buildings allows him to relate to stakeholder needs and find optimal solutions.

    Sasaki’s emphasis on research and deep institutional knowledge uniquely positions the firm to address the complex issues facing clients today. Nandi believes that an integrated practice model is essential to deliver products that meet the needs of research clients, and he is eager to begin designing for science and technology at Sasaki.

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