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    Newport Real Estate Transactions: November 6-10 Showcased Vivid Market Activity

    ByNuala Hafner

    Nov 20, 2023
    Newport Real Estate Transactions: November 6-10 Showcased Vivid Market Activity

    The recent real estate transactions in Newport from November 6 to November 10 highlighted a vibrant market with a variety of property sales. From residential homes to commercial establishments, the transactions demonstrate the diversity in the area’s real estate landscape.

    One noteworthy transaction involved the sale of 41 Memorial Blvd. The property, previously owned by 41 Memorial Boulevard, LLC, was successfully sold to Hooterville, LLC for a substantial sum of $1,500,000. This transfer of ownership emphasized the value and desirability of real estate in the area.

    Another remarkable sale took place at 110 Eustis Ave. Susan Lukas & James Boiani Esq., Executors of the Estate of Lorraine Boiani, sold the property to Merrilyn Bardes, Trustee of the Merrilyn Bardes Amended and Restated Trust for $1,350,000. This transaction exemplifies the active market for trust properties and the confidence buyers have in investing in real estate for long-term growth.

    Furthermore, the market showcased the demand for properties in desirable locations. 94 Bliss Rd. changed hands as Kyle Bishop sold it to Gabrielle Tigan for a noteworthy sum of $995,000. Similarly, Philip Halford sold 52 Bliss Rd. to Maria Tudino Trustee of the Maria Tudino & Angelina Gaccione Irrevocable Trust for $865,000. These sales underline the continued allure of Newport’s residential areas.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: How many properties were sold during the specified period?
    A: The article highlights a total of seven properties that were sold.

    Q: What was the highest-priced property in the list?
    A: The highest-priced property mentioned in the article is 41 Memorial Blvd, which was sold for $1,500,000.

    Q: Is there any information about the buyers or sellers?
    A: The article provides information about some buyers and sellers involved in the transactions, such as Hooterville, LLC, Merrilyn Bardes, Kyle Bishop, and Philip Halford.

    Q: Are these transactions indicative of the overall real estate market in Newport?
    A: While these transactions demonstrate the recent activity in the Newport real estate market, it is important to consider that these examples may not fully represent the entire market.