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    Johnstown Residents Contemplate the Impact of Intel’s Development

    ByJames Forsyth

    Aug 8, 2023
    Johnstown Residents Contemplate the Impact of Intel’s Development

    Ryan and Mary Scheutzow, owners of Caswell Real Estate in Johnstown, Ohio, have mixed emotions about the development that Intel has planned for their town. While they recognize the potential economic benefits for central Ohio and the promise of job opportunities, they also have concerns about how the development will affect their personal lives and the overall community.

    Johnstown is a small, rural town that the Scheutzows describe as peaceful and community-oriented. They appreciate the slower pace of life and the ability to enjoy simple pleasures like sitting on their front porch and watching the world go by. They moved to Johnstown six years ago, leaving the fast-growing Delaware County behind, with the intention of settling down and making it their long-term home.

    As real estate agents, the Scheutzows have witnessed the impact of Intel’s announcement on the local housing market. The price of land has skyrocketed, with some parcels near the Intel site selling for up to $150,000 an acre. They anticipate that the real estate market will continue to boom in the coming years, with the construction of massive housing developments and an influx of tens of thousands of people to the area.

    However, the Scheutzows acknowledge the challenges that come with such significant development. Their own home is just a mile away from the Intel site, and they now find themselves living on a busy detour road. Their dreams of a quiet, rural life are uncertain in the face of the changes that are coming.

    The couple remains optimistic about the future, hoping to grow their business alongside the development. They have launched a program called “Real Estate with a Mission,” where they donate 10% of their profits to local nonprofits in the Johnstown area. They believe that with the right approach and adaptability, they can embrace the opportunities that come with the transformation of their town.

    The Scheutzows understand that each resident’s situation is unique, and they are committed to helping their clients navigate the decision of whether to stay or go. They recognize that some long-term residents may face tough choices, balancing considerations such as staying until their children graduate high school or selling before potential eminent domain issues arise.

    As the development progresses, the Scheutzows and other residents are taking things one day at a time. While they mourn the loss of what their town used to be, they remain hopeful for a bright future and are determined to participate in and enjoy the transformation of Johnstown.

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