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    Jordan Cohen: The No. 1 RE/MAX Real Estate Agent Shares His Secrets

    ByNuala Hafner

    Sep 19, 2023
    Jordan Cohen: The No. 1 RE/MAX Real Estate Agent Shares His Secrets

    Jordan Cohen, the no. 1 RE/MAX real estate agent in the world, has recently released a book titled “The Agent’s Edge: Secret Strategies to Win Listings and Make Your Fortune Selling Real Estate.” Although Cohen’s success has brought him high-profile clients such as Sylvester Stallone, he insists that he is not a celebrity agent and wants the focus to be on his tips and strategies rather than his star clients.

    Cohen’s book aims to provide real estate agents with valuable insights and advice on how to excel in the industry. He emphasizes that the profession of selling real estate has become increasingly attractive due to its higher visibility in pop culture and the unlimited income potential it offers. However, recent data shows that there has been a shakeout in the residential real estate market, with many agents leaving the profession due to high interest rates and a market slump.

    In his book, Cohen shares the talking points he uses during listing interviews to win clients. He stresses the importance of connecting with sellers, being confident and sincere, and emphasizing that he only gets paid when he sells their homes. Cohen also highlights his marketing strategies, including epic twilight photography, social media promotion, print ads, and just-listed mailers. He avoids putting his own photo on ads to ensure that the focus is on the property itself.

    Contrary to popular belief, Cohen is not a proponent of 3D video tours, as he believes they deter potential buyers from visiting the property in person. He also expresses his reservations about open houses, stating that they can actually hinder the chances of a successful sale by not allowing for personalized tours and interactions with potential buyers.

    Cohen’s book, which was inspired by a suggestion from a client, has garnered much attention in the literary world. Despite his initial reluctance to become a self-published author, Cohen’s book received multiple offers and has become a valuable resource for real estate agents looking for an edge in the industry.

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