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    A Challenging Situation for Home Seller as Tenants Refuse to Vacate Property

    BySharna Bass

    Nov 21, 2023
    A Challenging Situation for Home Seller as Tenants Refuse to Vacate Property

    Patrick Lecours, a homeowner in the Glebe, has recently found himself in a nightmarish situation. Although he has a deal in place to sell his home, the tenants currently renting the property have refused to leave, leading to a series of complications and financial strain for Lecours and the prospective buyers.

    Lecours attempted to follow all the necessary procedures outlined in the Landlord and Tenant Act. He provided the tenants with ample notice of over 60 days to vacate the premises and even went a step further by offering them a substantial sum of $10,000 along with a moving truck in exchange for their departure. However, all these efforts were met with resistance.

    Despite the urgency of the situation, contacting the tenants directly proved fruitless, as they directed any inquiries to their paralegal, who failed to respond to requests for comment. Frustratingly, Lecours has now been left with no choice but to turn to the Landlord and Tenant Board for resolution. Sadly, he faces a wait for a hearing until April 2024, due to the significant backlog in cases.

    The financial implications of this ordeal for Lecours have been substantial. In order to prevent the buyers from walking away from the sale, he lowered the price of the property by $15,000. Additionally, he had to refinance the mortgage at a higher interest rate, resulting in further financial strain. Lecours estimates that he has already lost $10,000 and is burdened with an additional $40,000 in elevated interest payments. These unexpected expenses have put a significant dent in his finances.

    Not only is Lecours suffering from the repercussions, but the prospective buyers, a young family, are also caught in limbo. Having sold their previous home and made arrangements to move into interim accommodations, they are now facing uncertainty and delays due to the tenants’ refusal to vacate the property.

    This situation has highlighted the need for more efficient and timely processes within the Landlord and Tenant Board. The backlog of cases is causing significant hardships for homeowners and prospective buyers alike. The affected parties can only hope for a swift resolution that respects their rights and provides them with the closure they desperately need.