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    El Cosmico’s Expansion Plans Spark Controversy in Presidio County

    ByEmma Wolukau-Wanambwa

    Nov 21, 2023
    El Cosmico’s Expansion Plans Spark Controversy in Presidio County

    Presidio County in Texas is facing a heated debate over the expansion plans of El Cosmico, a popular campground and hotel owned by Liz Lambert. While Lambert claims to be focused on making improvements for the community, many locals are skeptical about her motives.

    Instead of quotes from the original article, it is evident that El Cosmico’s proposed expansion has sparked controversy and raised questions among the residents of Presidio County.

    One of the main concerns is the potential destruction of public lands. The proposal includes an entryway road that would cut through Vizcaino Park, a cherished natural space for locals. Critics argue that this road would only benefit El Cosmico and its clientele, rather than the entire community. They question why public land should be sacrificed for the benefit of a private business.

    Another key issue raised is the lack of transparency and clarity regarding the expansion plans. Some residents wonder what exactly “working with the county” means for El Cosmico, and who is encouraging their pursuit of county land for their road. The involvement of county officials in the proposal has also raised eyebrows, leading to suspicions of special treatment for the business.

    County officials, particularly the commissioner of Precinct 1, are being questioned for their involvement in the project. Concerns have been raised about potential favoritism and special privileges granted to El Cosmico. The lack of inclusion of various stakeholders in the decision-making process has further fueled controversy.

    The article ends with unanswered questions and a call for transparency and fairness in the decision-making process. Presidio County residents are left wondering if their valuable public lands are up for sale and if the interests of the community are being overlooked for the sake of commercial gain.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What is El Cosmico?
    El Cosmico is a popular campground and hotel located in Marfa, Texas. It is owned by Liz Lambert and is known for its unique accommodations and cultural events.

    What are the expansion plans for El Cosmico?
    El Cosmico is proposing an expansion that includes the construction of an entryway road through Vizcaino Park in Presidio County.

    What is the controversy surrounding the expansion?
    The controversy stems from concerns about the destruction of public lands, potential favoritism, lack of transparency, and the exclusion of community input in the decision-making process.

    Who is involved in the decision-making process?
    County officials, including the commissioner of Precinct 1, are believed to be involved in the decision-making process. However, there are concerns about transparency and the exclusion of various stakeholders.

    What are the concerns of the community?
    The community has expressed concerns about the potential destruction of public lands, the lack of transparency in the expansion plans, and the possibility of favoritism towards El Cosmico.

    What is the desired outcome for the residents of Presidio County?
    Residents are calling for transparency, fairness, and consideration of the interests of the entire community in the decision-making process. They want to ensure that public lands are protected and that the community’s voice is heard.