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    Designing a Vibrant and Cozy Cafe Inspired by Childhood Playgrounds

    BySharna Bass

    Sep 20, 2023
    Designing a Vibrant and Cozy Cafe Inspired by Childhood Playgrounds

    The Norrri Cafe in Uncheon-dong, Cheongju, is a unique space that draws inspiration from childhood memories of playing at the playground. Designed by Atelier Ah, the cafe aims to create a warm and comfortable environment where everyone feels at ease.

    Upon entering the cafe, visitors are greeted by a diagonal counter that adds a playful touch to the space. The counter’s curved shape allows natural light to flow through, creating a warm atmosphere. The interior floor, designed to resemble a park walkway, harmonizes with the burgundy brick exterior of the building.

    The design of the cafe incorporates primary colors and free shapes reminiscent of playgrounds. However, the focus was not solely on creating a vibrant play area. The designers also wanted to provide a sense of comfort and coziness. To achieve this, they used a well-organized color palette and warm ambiance.

    Through the curved facade, the interior seamlessly connects with the surrounding playground, giving the space a dynamic and lively atmosphere. The primary-colored furniture and the scenery outside the window become the center of attention, evoking the feeling of being immersed in a playful environment.

    The Norrri Cafe branding logo reflects the essence of the space. The logo resembles the afterimage of the word “nori,” which means play in Korean. The “o” in the logo rolls down, symbolizing the playful and joyful atmosphere of the cafe.

    Overall, the Norrri Cafe creates a unique and nostalgic experience for its visitors. It celebrates the joy and vibrancy of childhood playgrounds while providing a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The cafe is a testament to the power of design in evoking memories and creating meaningful spaces.

    – Atelier Ah