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    Wilson’s First Luxury Apartments Pave the Way for Downtown Living

    ByJames Forsyth

    Nov 20, 2023
    Wilson’s First Luxury Apartments Pave the Way for Downtown Living

    Wilson, a thriving city in North Carolina, is set to welcome its first luxury apartments in downtown before the end of 2023. The Centro at Pine Nash, a five-story complex boasting 240 units and 10,000 square feet of retail space, aims to cater to the demand for urban-style living.

    With studio apartments starting at $1,170 per month, one bedrooms at $1,382, and two bedrooms at $1,846, The Centro offers residents a taste of luxury at a more affordable price compared to similar spaces in Raleigh. With its modern design and prime location, The Centro at Pine Nash is anticipated to be the first of many residential projects that will transform downtown Wilson into a vibrant community.

    Andrew Holton of NSV Development, the company behind The Centro, envisions an increase in the city’s residential housing supply by several thousand units over the next decade. Holton believes that the development will have a positive impact on Wilson, attracting more residents to support the city’s corporate parks and employment opportunities.

    While The Centro brings new energy to downtown Wilson, city officials recognize the need for affordable housing options. The investments made in affordable housing thus far are deemed insufficient. The demand for housing in Wilson exceeds the available supply, leaving many families with Housing Choice Vouchers without suitable accommodation.

    However, with the introduction of The Centro, there is hope that it will serve as a catalyst for further development and instill confidence in the market. By demonstrating the potential of downtown living and retail in Wilson, it is expected that more projects will follow, addressing both the luxury and affordable housing needs of the city.

    Residents can anticipate moving into their new luxury apartments at The Centro starting in December, with the building expected to be fully occupied by the same time next year.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: What are the rental rates at The Centro at Pine Nash?

    A: Studio apartments start at $1,170 per month, one bedrooms at $1,382, and two bedrooms at $1,846 per month.

    Q: How many units and stories does The Centro have?

    A: The complex consists of 240 units and is comprised of five stories.

    Q: Can Wilson support more downtown living and retail?

    A: The introduction of The Centro is intended to bring confidence to the market and encourage further residential and retail development in downtown Wilson, ultimately meeting the demand for housing.

    Q: Are there affordable housing options available in Wilson?

    A: While the city has made investments in affordable housing, the current supply falls short of the demand. The need for affordable housing in Wilson persists.