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    District South Real Estate Partners with The Real Brokerage to Enhance Efficiency and Agent Support

    ByNuala Hafner

    Sep 19, 2023
    District South Real Estate Partners with The Real Brokerage to Enhance Efficiency and Agent Support

    District South Real Estate, a Lafayette-based real estate agency, has announced a partnership with The Real Brokerage, a national technology group. The collaboration aims to leverage The Real Brokerage’s cloud-based platform to enhance operational efficiencies and provide a seamless experience for buyers and sellers.

    With a team of 40 agents in the Acadiana region, District South has established itself as one of the top-producing teams in Louisiana. Over the past five years, the firm has consistently achieved the highest per agent sales in the area. In 2020 alone, District South completed 960 transactions and generated nearly $252 million in sales.

    Carrie Theard and Sean Hettich, the founders of District South, expressed their excitement about joining forces with The Real Brokerage. They believe that this partnership will allow them to continue offering their agents the support and resources they value, while also providing long-term opportunities for wealth-building.

    The Real Brokerage, founded in 2014, is a publicly traded company that operates in 48 states, along with Washington D.C. and four Canadian provinces. With a network of over 12,000 agents, The Real Brokerage offers a comprehensive platform that empowers agents to deliver exceptional service to their clients.

    By integrating The Real Brokerage’s technology solutions into their operations, District South aims to streamline their processes and enhance the overall experience for their clients. The cloud-based platform will enable agents to access important tools and data from anywhere, ensuring efficient communication and timely decision-making.

    This partnership between District South Real Estate and The Real Brokerage is expected to foster growth and success for both entities. With a shared commitment to excellence, the collaboration will strengthen their market presence and position them for continued success in the real estate industry.

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