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    Lev Launches New AI Tools to Revolutionize Commercial Real Estate Deal-Making

    ByJames Forsyth

    Sep 19, 2023
    Lev Launches New AI Tools to Revolutionize Commercial Real Estate Deal-Making

    Lev, the digital financing platform for commercial real estate (CRE) transactions, has recently introduced two innovative artificial intelligence (AI) tools that could disrupt the traditional role of brokers in the industry. The CEO, Yaakov Zar, believes that Lev AI has the potential to reshape the landscape of CRE deal-making in the near future.

    The first tool, Deal Room AI, is an AI-powered platform that automates the generation of deal flow materials. It utilizes machine learning technology and language model tools to streamline the time-consuming process of creating offering memorandums and deal books. With Deal Room AI, sponsors can organize various deal-related documents, including investment sales broker memorandums and underwriting data, and transform them into a fully organized and professional presentation in just 10 minutes.

    The second tool, Ask AI, is an AI-based chat-bot designed to answer the questions that lenders commonly ask when evaluating deals. It sources information from existing deal documents and third-party data sources to provide verified answers promptly. Importantly, Ask AI always provides the sources of the information generated, ensuring transparency and accuracy in the underwriting process.

    Lev’s ultimate goal is to create a digital marketplace where sponsors and lenders can connect and complete their deals without the need for traditional broker services. By eliminating intermediaries, Lev aims to streamline and simplify the transaction process, making it more efficient and cost-effective for all parties involved.

    Furthermore, Lev’s AI tools offer a distinct advantage over other AI-based learning tools by providing the sources of information, ensuring credibility and reliability in the commercial real estate industry. This feature protects lenders and differentiates Lev from its competitors.

    Although Lev AI is still in its early stages, it poses a potential challenge to the dominance of human brokers in the industry. By empowering sponsors to conduct the transaction process themselves, Lev AI aims to create a more accessible and transparent marketplace for all participants.

    – Commercial Observer