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    Lagoon House: A Nature Retreat with Stunning Views

    BySharna Bass

    Sep 19, 2023
    Lagoon House: A Nature Retreat with Stunning Views

    The Lagoon House, designed by Studio Bloco Arquitetura, is a weekend residence located in a nautical condominium, serving as a refuge for a family from the capital city. The primary goal of the project was to create numerous openings towards the front of the land, allowing for breathtaking sunrise views of Lagoa da Pinguela.

    The layout of the house was strategically organized to have the social area facing the front, while the narrower back area houses the private quarters. The ground floor accommodates the social area, including the kitchen, living room, dining room, barbecue area, toilet, and patio. On the upper floor, the intimate area consists of the suites and a private living room.

    To ensure privacy, the architects incorporated five sliding panels on the ground floor that can create open or closed spaces, depending on the situation. This provides flexibility for more intimate moments or controlling the incidence of sunlight. The design also maximizes natural lighting, cross ventilation, and a strong connection with nature.

    The main facade of the house features wooden accents, matching the wood used in the interior. The contrast between the irregular basalt floor and walls, and the monolithic Tecnocimento coating on the linings, creates a timeless aesthetic. These materials were chosen for their durability, ease of maintenance, and ability to reinforce the architectural character of the house.

    In addition to the traditional rooms, the clients had a special request for a wine cellar. This space was carefully designed during the initial architectural process, taking into account the clients’ passion for wine. The cellar features a semi-buried location, a cyclopean concrete wall, basalt block masonry, and a buried pipe system to cool the air in the room. The design incorporates passive air conditioning strategies to ensure ideal conditions for storing wine.

    The Lagoon House exemplifies the Studio Bloco Arquitetura’s holistic approach to architecture. The architectural design shapes the relationship between spaces and the surrounding environment, while the interior design addresses the specific needs and reflects the family’s personality. This project serves as a nature retreat that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings, providing a tranquil and elegant space for the family to enjoy.

    – Studio Bloco Arquitetura
    – Roberta Gewehr