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    The Iconic Casa de Acero in Texas: A Steel Sculptor’s Masterpiece

    ByNuala Hafner

    Sep 7, 2023
    The Iconic Casa de Acero in Texas: A Steel Sculptor’s Masterpiece

    The Casa de Acero, an abstract home designed by sculptor Robert Bruno, has recently been put up for sale after years of being closed off from the public. This unique residence, located in Ransom Canyon, Texas, is now available for a new owner at a price of $2 million.

    The Casa de Acero is an architectural marvel, made entirely from a quarter-inch thick Corten steel, a material commonly used in modernist sculpture but rarely seen in architecture. This choice of material required solid insulation against the extreme temperatures of Lubbock, Texas.

    Weighing an impressive 110 tons, the house is a remarkable engineering feat. Bruno calculated the weight by purchasing scrap metal by the pound. This three-bedroom, three-bathroom residence spans 2,450 square feet and has recently been completed with new interior updates.

    The announcement of the sale on Zillow.com has gained significant attention on social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok. People have commented on the house’s resemblance to iconic fictional locations such as Beetlejuice and Star Wars, as well as its aesthetic similarity to Pixar films.

    The real estate agent Courtney Bartosh of Monument Realty is managing the sale, with property photographs taken by Haley D. Photography. Ransom Canyon, located approximately 10 miles southeast of Lubbock, offers a unique and secluded environment for this extraordinary property.

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