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    The Unique and Eco-Friendly Tapestry Community in Frisco, Texas

    BySharna Bass

    Sep 7, 2023
    The Unique and Eco-Friendly Tapestry Community in Frisco, Texas

    The Tapestry community in Frisco, Texas has gained recognition for its unconventional and environmentally-friendly housing designs. Developed by Total Environment Homes, this 56-acre community features 121 homes characterized by grass-covered roofs and patios connected to most of the rooms, along with other ecological features in their floor plans.

    Total Environment Homes, an Indian company led by architect Kamal Sagar, is known for its meticulously designed and manufactured houses. With the aim of expanding internationally, Sagar decided to bring his innovative product to the United States for the first time, choosing the city of Frisco in Texas. Although he initially planned the project for San Francisco, he opted for Frisco due to the area’s rapid growth and relocation of businesses.

    The homes in the Tapestry community are designed with the purpose of connecting residents with nature. The grass-covered roofs not only provide environmental benefits, such as temperature regulation and reduction of rainwater runoff, but also create visually appealing surroundings. Additionally, these homes include grass-covered patios on both floors, allowing residents to enjoy the outdoors from most of the rooms.

    One of the most fascinating features of the Tapestry community is the geothermal wells located beneath the homes. These wells harness the constant temperature of the earth to provide sustainable heating and cooling in the houses. This energy-efficient technology contributes to the sustainability of the homes and helps reduce environmental impact.

    Total Environment Homes takes an unconventional approach to home construction, seeking to emulate the reliability and quality of automotive manufacturing. By handling many elements internally and following a fixed product approach, the company ensures greater quality control for its clients.

    Despite supply chain challenges due to the pandemic, the Tapestry community has sold three homes and is currently constructing five more. Total Environment Homes plans to launch a strong marketing campaign in the near future.

    In conclusion, the Tapestry community in Frisco offers a unique and environmentally conscious approach to home construction. With its grass-covered roofs and patios, it aims to provide residents with a connection to nature while prioritizing sustainability and high-quality design.

    – Total Environment Homes: An Indian company recognized for its carefully designed and environmentally-friendly homes.
    – Grass-covered roofs: Living roofs covered with grass that provide temperature regulation and reduction of rainwater runoff.
    – Geothermal wells: Deep wells dug to harness the constant temperature of the Earth for climate control in homes.

    – Total Environment Homes