• Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

    JPP Nursery: Fostering Inclusivity and Community Connection

    BySharna Bass

    Sep 20, 2023
    JPP Nursery: Fostering Inclusivity and Community Connection

    The newly constructed JPP Nursery in Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture, is an employer-sponsored childcare facility that embraces the concept of “learning from the community and embracing diversity.” Located in a city that was once a bustling trading hub, JPP Nursery serves as a daycare, after-school care, and post-illness childcare center. The facility caters to children ranging from 0 to 18 years old, including both children with and without disabilities.

    In today’s society, promoting inclusivity is important, where individuals can accept and appreciate differences in others. Inclusive childcare facilities have been established, and the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare actively supports this initiative. However, challenges such as teacher shortages and bullying from children without disabilities still exist. JPP Nursery aims to address these issues by creating a space that enables children to connect with their local community and foster mutual understanding.

    The nursery building itself is situated near Tsuruga Port and features a pyramid-shaped deck terrace reminiscent of lighthouses in the area. This outdoor space encourages children to play together, promoting physical activity and various activities. The common areas inside the facility incorporate locally sourced clay walls, tiles, and flooring inspired by the surrounding buildings and plants. The fixtures, frames, and furniture are randomly colored to represent the idea of children “mixing together,” allowing them to explore and familiarize themselves with different materials.

    Furthermore, JPP Nursery includes community spaces with clay wall mazes and a picture book corner, stimulating children’s curiosity and promoting learning through play. The guidance and training room has a large opening facing the street, enabling children to observe the town and its activities. The lunchroom connects to an outdoor playground and features fully openable doors, providing a welcoming and open space for children to connect with nature and the local environment.

    Through this inclusive and community-oriented approach, JPP Nursery offers a space where children can develop empathy, acceptance, and mutual respect while engaging with various individuals and exploring the history and materials of their community. It becomes a nurturing environment for personal growth, fostering a sense of connection both within the facility and with the surrounding community.

    – JPP Nursery / HIBINOSEKKEI + Youji no Shiro + Kids Design Labo
    – Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (Japan)