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    Kathryn M. Ireland Celebrates a Life in Design

    ByEmma Wolukau-Wanambwa

    Sep 19, 2023
    Kathryn M. Ireland Celebrates a Life in Design

    Interior designer Kathryn M. Ireland has made a name for herself in the Hollywood industry with her fearless and vibrant approach to decorating. In her new book “A Life in Design,” Ireland shares some of her most notable projects and gives readers a glimpse into her own homes.

    Throughout her 30-year career, Ireland has worked with clients such as Steve Martin and Drew Barrymore, who appreciate her sense of humor and adventurous style. She has lent her expertise to a variety of architectural styles, including Spanish Colonial houses, ranches, and farmhouses along the California coast, as well as properties in the Hamptons and the British and French countrysides.

    Ireland’s journey into interior design began when she transformed her husband’s editing studio into a successful decorative accessories shop. Her talent was noticed by actor Steve Martin, who hired her to decorate his cottage after seeing her article in House & Garden magazine. For Martin’s home, Ireland curated a collection of fabrics in subtle seafoam green and cream hues, allowing his colorful modern art to take center stage.

    Another notable project featured in the book is cosmetics giant Victoria Jackson’s ranch house in Ojai, California. Ireland had a tight deadline to transform the property but managed a complete renovation, incorporating Moroccan and Mexican tiles, Spanish light fixtures, and European furnishings. She added unexpected touches, such as curtains made from vintage Mexican serapes and unique light fixtures from Blanchard Collective.

    Ireland’s love for global styles and fabrics is evident in her own homes as well. She wallpapered her master bedroom in a teal Marrakech Natural print and incorporated a French armchair upholstered in Pampas Teal fabric. Her collection of Ghanaian fabrics, inspired by a trip to the country in the ’80s, is also showcased in the book.

    With her eclectic mix of styles and influences, Ireland aims to create harmony in her rooms. She believes that different cultures can coexist and complement each other in a space. Ireland’s background in fashion also informs her approach to design, as she sees the home as an extension of personal style.

    For Ireland, decorating is therapeutic and a form of relaxation. She enjoys exploring new ideas and incorporating unexpected elements into her designs, while still maintaining a sense of harmony. With her extensive knowledge and experience, it’s no wonder that Ireland’s clients continue to trust her with their decorating needs.

    – “A Life in Design” by Kathryn M. Ireland
    – Image courtesy of James Merrell/Courtesy Photo