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    The Potential and Perils of Using AI in Architecture and Interior Design

    ByNuala Hafner

    Sep 19, 2023
    The Potential and Perils of Using AI in Architecture and Interior Design

    The 24th Asia Young Designer Awards (AYDA) recently launched its theme, “Converge: Championing Purposeful Design,” in Quezon City. During the launch, industry experts discussed the potential benefits and pitfalls of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the fields of architecture and interior design.

    Leading interior designer Wilmer Lopez emphasized the importance of responsible AI usage, stating that its integration depends on its usability and how it can aid in the design process. He mentioned that AI has already improved and enhanced their work, enabling designers to process designs faster.

    AI has been making waves in the architecture industry for years, with tools like Dall-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion that can generate realistic images of humans and skyscrapers. Additionally, companies like Fulhaus have developed AI interior designers, such as Ludwig, that can provide design recommendations within seconds.

    Universities have also taken notice of the growing influence of AI and have drafted policies to regulate its use. The University of the Philippines, for instance, aims to promote the positive use of AI and mitigate any potential negatives. Architect Cathy Saldana urged other universities to adopt similar policies to guide students in navigating this technology effectively.

    Saldana emphasized the need for proper training to harness automation for the common good. She mentioned that AI can be used for rendering and design visualization, and current tech-capable students are utilizing AI programs and facilities for their projects.

    The AYDA, organized by Nippon Paintings Philippines, provides participants with industry knowledge, coaching, mentoring, and skills-building opportunities through workshops conducted by experienced professionals.

    While AI integration in architecture and interior design offers numerous possibilities, experts caution against potential laziness and sloppiness if AI is used without responsibility. It is crucial to strike a balance between leveraging AI for efficiency and maintaining human control and understanding of the technology.

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