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    New Numbers Show Decline in Marathon County Home Sales, Creating Opportunities for Buyers

    ByEmma Wolukau-Wanambwa

    Nov 21, 2023
    New Numbers Show Decline in Marathon County Home Sales, Creating Opportunities for Buyers

    Recent data reveals a significant decrease of approximately 11% in home sales in Marathon County during the month of October. While this news may seem discouraging at first, it actually presents a unique opportunity for prospective buyers.

    Throughout the year 2023, the housing market has exhibited volatility, with sellers experiencing relatively strong conditions while buyers have faced challenges such as limited inventory and high mortgage rates. However, a recent report from the Wisconsin Realtors Association sheds light on a potential silver lining as we approach the end of the year.

    Realtor Austin Solomon explains that there may be hope for buyers in the coming months. Speculation suggests that interest rates might remain stable or even decrease in the first half of next year, with further declines expected in the second half. These developments could make homeownership more accessible and affordable for many.

    While the future of the housing market remains uncertain, Solomon advises patience and timing. As we enter the slower sales period of the year, it becomes an opportune time for potential buyers to find their ideal homes. With fewer competitors in the market, individuals have a better chance of securing a favorable deal.

    Real estate experts recommend closely monitoring interest rates. Should they decline, it is advisable to prepare and be ready to make an offer promptly. By keeping a close eye on market conditions and capitalizing on the potential for lower interest rates, buyers can navigate the current real estate landscape with increased confidence.


    Q: How much did home sales decline in Marathon County in October?
    A: Home sales in Marathon County decreased by approximately 11% in October.

    Q: What opportunities does the decline in home sales present?
    A: The decline in home sales creates opportunities for prospective buyers in terms of potentially more affordable and accessible homeownership.

    Q: What advice do real estate experts offer for buyers?
    A: Real estate experts advise buyers to monitor interest rates closely and be prepared to make an offer if rates decline.