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    Graphisoft Introduces Archicad AI Visualizer for Easy 3D Design Visualization

    BySharna Bass

    Nov 21, 2023
    Graphisoft Introduces Archicad AI Visualizer for Easy 3D Design Visualization

    Graphisoft, a leading software developer for architecture and multidisciplinary design, has launched Archicad AI Visualizer, a powerful tool that allows architects and interior designers to create detailed 3D visualizations during the early design stages. Powered by Stable Diffusion, an advanced AI-driven image generation tool, Archicad AI Visualizer is equipped with a user-friendly interface optimized for architecture and interior design workflows.

    Unlike traditional methods that require time-consuming 3D modeling, Archicad AI Visualizer allows users to generate multiple design visualizations simply by using text prompts or descriptive words. For example, users can input “a modern office with wood surfaces” and the tool will generate refined design variations without the need for detailed models. This accelerates the early design process and provides designers with a wide range of design alternatives to explore and communicate with clients.

    Graphisoft’s Adaptive Hybrid Framework technology enables the rapid deployment of AI capabilities like Archicad AI Visualizer into their software solutions. This approach allows for the integration of innovative technologies to enhance the design process and deliver high-quality solutions to customers.

    Archicad AI Visualizer is available to all architects and interior designers interested in exploring AI-powered architectural visualization and providing feedback on their experience. In the coming months, the tool will also be made available for other brands under the Nemetschek Group, such as Allplan and Vectorworks.


    Q: How does Archicad AI Visualizer work?
    A: Archicad AI Visualizer is integrated into Archicad, eliminating the need for an additional purchase. Users can create a simple concept model and generate refined design variations by using text prompts or descriptive words. The tool adds details, context, and ideas to the original concept, producing design alternatives in the early design phase.

    Q: What are the system requirements for Archicad AI Visualizer?
    A: To use Archicad AI Visualizer, users need a valid Archicad 27 license and NVIDIA GPUs or Apple Silicon chips. The tool is currently available only in English.

    – Graphisoft: graphisoft.com