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    New Development Firm Wildcat Management Making Strides in Real Estate Industry

    BySharna Bass

    Nov 20, 2023
    New Development Firm Wildcat Management Making Strides in Real Estate Industry

    Wildcat Management, a prominent real estate investment and development company, is making waves in the industry with their mission-driven projects and strategic partnerships. Led by commercial real estate developer Tanya Ragan, Wildcat Management is focused on sparking economic turnaround and community growth through their innovative projects.

    Ragan, a distinguished alumna of the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, has built a legacy of success with her Texas-based firm. With a background in fashion merchandising and business administration, Ragan brings a unique perspective to the male-dominated industry.

    As the only female-owned developer in downtown Dallas, Ragan is passionate about creating authentic neighborhood experiences and making a real-world impact on residents and economic growth. She understands the responsibility that comes with her role and strives to exceed expectations in a field where self-made women make up less than 1.5% of commercial real estate investment.

    Under Ragan’s leadership, Wildcat Management has taken on several noteworthy projects. They played a pivotal role in revitalizing and reviving the Dallas Farmers Market neighborhood, now the largest residential district in downtown Dallas. Additionally, they led efforts to relocate and redevelop the Liberty State Bank, downtown’s oldest commercial building.

    With their latest venture, Castle Ranch, a mixed-use development in Mansfield, TX, Wildcat Management is showcasing their bold energy and vision on a larger scale. This project aims to further contribute to the economic growth of the area and create a vibrant community for residents.

    Wildcat Management’s impact extends beyond Texas. Their mission-driven approach and commitment to community growth have inspired rising female entrepreneurs across the country. With a combination of midwestern work ethic and Texas-sized ambition, Ragan and her team are driving positive transformation and leaving a lasting impact on local communities.


    What is Wildcat Management?
    Wildcat Management is a woman-owned real estate investment, development, and management company. They undertake mission-driven projects and strategic partnerships to spur economic turnaround and community growth.

    Who is Tanya Ragan?
    Tanya Ragan is a commercial real estate developer and the president of Wildcat Management. She is known for her contributions to downtown Dallas and her commitment to empowering female entrepreneurs in the industry.

    What projects has Wildcat Management undertaken?
    Wildcat Management has been involved in several notable projects, including the revitalization of the Dallas Farmers Market neighborhood and the relocation and redevelopment of downtown’s oldest commercial building, the Liberty State Bank. Their latest project, Castle Ranch, is a mixed-use development in Mansfield, TX.

    How is Wildcat Management impacting local communities?
    Through their mission-driven approach, Wildcat Management is sparking economic growth and creating vibrant communities. Their projects have a real-world impact on residents and contribute to the overall development of the areas they operate in.