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    A New Era Begins: Jennifer Silvis Transitions to Brand Director at Healthcare Design

    ByNuala Hafner

    Nov 21, 2023
    A New Era Begins: Jennifer Silvis Transitions to Brand Director at Healthcare Design

    Thirteen years have passed since Jennifer Silvis first joined the Healthcare Design team in September 2010. Little did she know that this would mark the beginning of a transformative journey in the field of healthcare design. As she reflects upon her experience, Silvis recalls her first encounter with the Healthcare Design Conference + Expo in Las Vegas, where she was tasked with assisting the stage presentation of the annual magazine awards ceremony.

    Listening to the powerful words being shared about the celebrated projects, the vital work of the industry, and the remarkable outcomes achieved, Silvis was captivated. It was in that enlightening moment that she realized the profound impact of good design. The built environment, she discovered, shapes the experiences of patients, families, and medical staff. Most importantly, she recognized the impassioned individuals devoted to improving healthcare spaces.

    Since then, Silvis has had the privilege of supporting the industry’s growth by providing valuable insights, information, and inspiration through the Healthcare Design magazine. Now, she is embarking on a new role as the Brand Director. While bidding farewell to the magazine, Silvis is eager to take on broader responsibilities. As the Brand Director, she will delve deep into enhancing the services offered by Healthcare Design, including more diverse and comprehensive content, advanced educational resources, and unique event opportunities.

    Silvis values collaboration and invites all industry professionals to actively participate in the process. She encourages individuals to share their ideas, desired content formats, and wishlist items by reaching out to her at [email protected]. This shift in responsibility provides an invaluable opportunity to evaluate the current state of the industry and explore innovative pathways for growth.

    In addition to this exciting transition, Silvis proudly announces the appointment of Anne DiNardo as the new Editor-in-Chief of Healthcare Design. With 11 years of experience as a vital member of the HCD team, DiNardo is exceptionally qualified to lead the magazine into the future. Silvis invites everyone to join her in congratulating DiNardo on this remarkable achievement.

    Silvis considers herself fortunate to have worked in her dream job and is enthusiastic about embarking on her second. With the support of the healthcare design industry, she looks forward to embracing new challenges, forging meaningful relationships, and making a lasting impact. Stay tuned for the exciting endeavors ahead.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: What is Jennifer Silvis’ new role in Healthcare Design?

    A: Jennifer Silvis has transitioned to the position of Brand Director at Healthcare Design.

    Q: What will be Silvis’ focus in her new role?

    A: As Brand Director, Silvis will concentrate on enhancing the services offered by Healthcare Design, including content, education, and event opportunities.

    Q: How can industry professionals contribute to the process?

    A: Industry professionals are encouraged to share their ideas, preferred content formats, and wishlist items by emailing Jennifer Silvis at [email protected].

    Q: Who is the new Editor-in-Chief of Healthcare Design?

    A: The new Editor-in-Chief of Healthcare Design is Anne DiNardo.

    Q: How long has Jennifer Silvis been part of the Healthcare Design team?

    A: Jennifer Silvis has been a member of the Healthcare Design team for 13 years since joining in September 2010.