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    Winners of the Third Annual Urban Design Awards Recognized in Charlotte

    ByEmma Wolukau-Wanambwa

    Oct 20, 2023
    Winners of the Third Annual Urban Design Awards Recognized in Charlotte

    The City of Charlotte Urban Design Center and the UNC Charlotte School of Architecture recently presented the third annual Urban Design Awards, known as the Urbies. These awards aim to acknowledge and celebrate quality urban design in the city. The winners of this year’s awards were recognized on October 19th at the Charlotte Urban Design Center.

    The winners spanned various categories, showcasing the diverse range of urban design achievements in Charlotte. Some of the notable winners include Lintmen’s for Great Development Near Transit, Dilworth for Great Walkable Neighborhood, Community Matters CafĂ© for Great New Life for an Old Place, and Freedom Park for Great Public Space.

    Other winners included Charlotte SHOUT! for Great Placemaking, Elizabeth Avenue for Great Street, Latta Arcade and Brevard Court for Great Urban Architecture, Waverly for Great Suburban Design, and BOPlex Park Vision Plan for Great Student Project.

    Two individuals were also celebrated for their contributions to urban design. Ruth Ava Lyons and Paul Sires were honored as the Great Neighborhood Champions, while Mary Newsom was recognized as the Great Urban Design Champion.

    The winners were selected by a panel of 10 urban design experts, who chose from a pool of nominees submitted by the public. The awards ceremony served as an opportunity to highlight the importance of urban design in creating vibrant and people-centered spaces.

    Alyson Craig, the director of the Charlotte Planning, Design & Development Department, emphasized the significance of urban design in the city’s growth. She stated, “As our city continues to grow, great urban design is vital to maintaining and enhancing quality of life for all residents.”

    The Urbies play a crucial role in showcasing the successful urban design projects that contribute to Charlotte’s identity as a great city. By recognizing and celebrating these achievements, the awards program aims to inspire further innovation and excellence in urban design.

    – City of Charlotte Urban Design Center
    – UNC Charlotte School of Architecture