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    D.C. Lawsuit Exposes Exploitative Practices of Home-Renovation Company

    ByNuala Hafner

    Nov 20, 2023
    D.C. Lawsuit Exposes Exploitative Practices of Home-Renovation Company

    D.C. Attorney General takes legal action against home-renovation company Curbio, shedding light on exploitative practices that trap homeowners in unfair contracts. The company touts itself as a solution for real estate agents looking to get homes ready for the market without any upfront costs. However, the lawsuit reveals that Curbio preys on District residents, including the elderly and disadvantaged, by offering false promises and locking them into one-sided agreements.

    According to the complaint filed in D.C. Superior Court, homeowners who engage with Curbio are required to work with real estate agents who receive up to 5 percent of every Curbio contract they help secure. The company’s promotional materials claim homeowners can expect a return on investment of over 200 percent by repairing and renovating their homes before selling. But once customers sign with Curbio, the company places a lien on their property, effectively putting them at risk of foreclosure if renovations are not completed on time or to a satisfactory standard.

    Curbio’s practices have had detrimental effects on numerous homeowners in the District. The lawsuit highlights cases of elderly homeowners who were charged exorbitant cancellation fees or forced to pay for substandard work. One homeowner, a 99-year-old woman, was charged a $15,000 cancellation fee when she requested a delay in the renovation work until after her 100th birthday party. Another homeowner, a 91-year-old woman, experienced delays of over five months and had to contend with poor quality workmanship.

    These disturbing revelations have sparked outrage among District residents. Barbara Hair, a 91-year-old homeowner, expressed her disappointment and accused Curbio of taking advantage of her. She emphasized the need for justice and prevention of further harm to vulnerable individuals in the future.

    In response to the lawsuit, Curbio released a statement denying the allegations and portraying itself as a reputable general contractor. However, the Attorney General’s office remains resolute in its pursuit of justice for affected homeowners. The lawsuit seeks to declare Curbio’s contracts unenforceable and obtain damages on behalf of the victims.

    This legal action against Curbio underscores the importance of consumer protection and the need for transparency in the home-renovation industry. District residents must be aware of the potential risks they may face when engaging with such companies and exercise caution when entering into contracts.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. What is Curbio?

      Curbio is a home-renovation company that markets itself as a solution for real estate agents looking to get homes ready for the market with no upfront costs.

    2. What are the allegations against Curbio?

      The lawsuit alleges that Curbio traps homeowners into unfair contracts, charges excessive fees, and delivers substandard work.

    3. What are the potential consequences for homeowners who work with Curbio?

      If renovations are delayed, not completed, or completed poorly, Curbio can claim customers have defaulted and move their properties into foreclosure.

    4. What is the Attorney General seeking in the lawsuit?

      The lawsuit aims to declare Curbio’s contracts unenforceable and collect damages for affected homeowners.

    5. What can homeowners do to protect themselves from exploitative practices?

      Homeowners should carefully review contracts, seek legal advice when necessary, and consider alternative options before engaging with home-renovation companies.