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    Boone County Considers Selling Underutilized Park Despite Historical Relevance

    BySharna Bass

    Sep 19, 2023
    Boone County Considers Selling Underutilized Park Despite Historical Relevance

    The Boone County Supervisors are set to discuss the potential sale of Long Memorial Park, located just north of Boone, due to what they perceive as underutilization. However, there is dissent among some who argue that the park holds historical significance and serves as an important facility.

    Long Memorial Park is situated on the grounds of the old Boone County Home, which was closed in 1981. Today, the park’s grassy fields are used for various activities. Joe Gibbs, a member of a dog obedience club, explains that they utilize the space for training and hosting competitions. Additionally, a model airplane club also takes advantage of the park, and at times, people use the expansive area to launch hot air balloons.

    Gibbs emphasizes the importance of the facility, sharing stories of families who have bonded over their shared passion for flying. He asserts that without this space, such activities would not be possible. However, Boone County Supervisor Bill Zinnel argues that the park lacks the necessary amount of usage to justify its existence. He claims that the park does not align with people’s typical understanding of what a park represents. Furthermore, Zinnel mentions that there are residents interested in building homes on the land.

    Questions have arisen regarding the burial of former Boone County Home residents on the same grounds. Gibbs speculates that the cemetery was established after the home was already present, leading to uncertainty regarding the location of the burials. Zinnel dismisses the concern, highlighting that there is a cemetery nearby specifically designated for the county home residents.

    Gibbs desires the preservation of the green space and even suggests the creation of more parks instead of selling off existing ones. He stresses the park’s appeal, mentioning the various activities that people engage in, such as dog running and rocket launching.

    In conclusion, the future of Long Memorial Park is uncertain as the Boone County Supervisors consider its sale. while some argue for its historical relevance and recreational value, others believe that the lack of sufficient usage necessitates its sale for residential development. The decision of the Boone County Supervisors will determine the fate of this park and impact the local community.

    1. Underutilized – not used to its maximum potential or capacity.
    2. Historical relevance – significance or importance in relation to the past.
    3. Expanse – a large and wide area.
    4. Dismiss – to disregard or reject something as unworthy or insignificant.

    – None