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    De Montfort University Seeks Lead Designer for “Next Generation” Library Project

    ByNuala Hafner

    Sep 18, 2023
    De Montfort University Seeks Lead Designer for “Next Generation” Library Project

    De Montfort University in Leicester, UK, is seeking a lead designer or architect for a £30 million project to create a “next generation” library extension. The university is currently undergoing a £200 million regeneration of its city centre campus, with plans to refurbish the Eva Jiricna Architects-designed Kimberlin Library and connect it to the neighboring Eric Wood building.

    The new library extension will aim to support a diverse student body and facilitate new forms of research and learning. It will offer access to expert services that support student learning and academic success, research, digital scholarship, and scholarly communication. The university also hopes that the new library will foster opportunities to engage with the city and its communities by delivering a range of social, cultural, and academic engagement activities.

    The project, which is planned for completion in 2027, is part of De Montfort University’s larger campus regeneration program. The university has already invested around £136 million in the program, which has included the construction of the Vijay Patel Building and an overhaul of the Campus Centre.

    The selection process for the lead principal designer or architect will be a two-stage procurement. Six shortlisted teams will be invited to submit tenders, with bids evaluated based on quality (65%) and cost (35%). The lead bidder must have a minimum turnover of £7.5 million and experience with large capital projects in the higher education sector valued at £30 million and above.

    This project represents an exciting opportunity for an architect or designer to contribute to the transformation of De Montfort University’s library facilities and create a space that supports innovative research and learning in the digital age.

    – De Montfort University Tender Notice [source information withheld]

    – Next generation library: A library that incorporates innovative technologies and approaches to support modern research and learning methods.
    – Refurbishment: The process of renovating or updating a building or space, typically by making improvements to its functionality, aesthetics, or infrastructure.
    – Scholarly communication: The process of sharing and disseminating academic research and findings through various methods, such as publishing in academic journals or presenting at conferences.
    – Capital project: A project involving the construction, renovation, or expansion of a significant physical asset, typically requiring a substantial investment of funds and resources.