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    Transforming Floors into Sophisticated Focal Points

    ByJames Forsyth

    Sep 19, 2023
    Transforming Floors into Sophisticated Focal Points

    When it comes to interior design, floors often go overlooked as a design opportunity. However, with the right items, floors can become a sophisticated focal point in any space. Here are seven stylish ways to transform a client’s flooring:

    1. Lesi Rug by Lulu and Georgia

    The Lesi rug by Lulu and Georgia is a hand-knotted rug with a tonal appeal. It adds warmth to a neutral palette, making it a perfect choice for any space.

    2. Opia Lilac WJ Mosaic by Ali Budd

    The Opia Lilac WJ mosaic by Ali Budd, available at Artistic Tile, draws inspiration from the art deco movement. It features five different types of marble, creating a jazzy geometric motif.

    3. Halston Rug by Made Goods

    Made Goods offers the Halston rug, which features textured monochrome stripes that create a striated, ombre-esque motif. It adds visual interest to any room.

    4. Introspective Mosaic by Paul Schatz

    Designed by Paul Schatz for New Ravenna, the Introspective mosaic showcases a medley of sumptuous stones. The combination of honed Calacatta Monet, Lavigne, and Basalto Orvieto creates a luxurious and visually stunning flooring option.

    5. Hingol Rug by Four Hands

    The Hingol rug by Four Hands is an heirloom-worthy piece that is hand-crafted from a blend of cotton and wool. It requires the skills of multiple weavers and takes several weeks to complete.

    6. Viva Tile by Heritage Tile

    Heritage Tile offers unglazed porcelain tiles that come in a variety of hues and shapes. These tiles can be assembled into unique configurations, allowing for endless design possibilities.

    7. Velasquez Rug by Lulu and Georgia

    The Velasquez rug by Lulu and Georgia takes inspiration from traditional Mediterranean rug designs. It boasts a distressed pattern and short fringe trim, adding a vintage touch to any space.

    These stylish flooring options have been sourced from BOH’s Collections vertical, which showcases the latest debuts from top brands in the industry.

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