• Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

    Credit where it’s due

    ByJames Forsyth

    Sep 20, 2023
    Credit where it’s due

    In 2023, Conner Weigman has surpassed expectations and has become an impressive quarterback for the Texas A&M team. He has completed over 70% of his passes, throwing for over 900 yards and 8 touchdowns, while also rushing for 2 touchdowns. What sets Weigman apart is his ability to extend plays and move in the pocket, making him an elite quarterback. He has proven to be one of the top 5 passers in the country in terms of quarterback rating. Although some may argue that his success is due to playing against weaker teams like ULM and New Mexico, he also performed well against Miami on the road. Weigman is not only the best quarterback for Texas A&M in a decade but also brings excitement to the position like Johnny Manziel did.

    On the defensive side, linebacker Edgerrin Cooper has shown significant improvement from last year under the coaching of DJ Durkin. Cooper leads the team in tackles and tackles for loss, demonstrating his growth and ability to fulfill his responsibilities. The linebackers were a concern coming into the season, but Cooper and Taurean York have alleviated some of the worries.

    Deuce Harmon, a cornerback who had been overlooked, had the opportunity to start in a game against Tyreek Chappell and Tony Grimes. Although he gave up one big pass early in the game, Harmon’s performance was solid overall. He may have earned additional playing time moving forward, even with the potential return of Chappell.

    Shemar Turner, a defensive end, has been impressing with his ability to sack quarterbacks. Last year, the team leader in sacks had only three for the entire season. Turner has already matched that number in just a few games, showcasing his potential. With better support from the team and strategic decisions, his sack total can continue to rise.

    Auburn quarterback Payton Thorne has been performing as expected in terms of passing the ball, but he has unexpectedly become a leading rusher for the team. Thorne’s ability to run has brought a new dimension to Auburn’s offense, while their passing game remains a work in progress.

    Jay Fair, a wide receiver who had initially been considered a potential recruit for Texas A&M, has been excelling at Auburn. He leads the team in receiving yards and has been making notable contributions to their offense. Although A&M may have missed out on signing Fair, they are still content with their current receivers.

    Jacoby Mathews, a promising safety for A&M, has demonstrated his talent and deserves more playing time. Despite not being a starter, there are opportunities to get Mathews on the field more frequently.

    Alabama’s problems extend beyond their quarterbacks. Their offensive line has been struggling, allowing a high number of tackles for loss and sacks. These weaknesses can be exploited by other SEC teams.

    Lastly, Mississippi State defensive coordinator Zach Arnett’s decision to move away from the Air Raid offense may prove to be a mistake. The conventional approach may not be as effective as the previous system, which utilized the strengths of their personnel.

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